The left hand icons “Dashboard”, “Inventory”, “Connections”, and “Configuration” are shortcut links to different operations within Owl.
  • “Dashboard” (See Screenshot below)
    • shows an overall number of Owlcheck scanned the MB’s, total jobs, total records scanned.
    • Total number of datasets - including passing jobs and jobs that failed (quality fails), # of alerts, # of rules
    • A list of messages on specific Owlchecks and what was found.
  • “Inventory”
    • Inventory of all Owlcheck ever executed, including (Run Date, Dataset, Command Line, Type, Query, Connection).
    • See screenshot below.
  • “Connections” - See Owl Build in the “DB Connection” section of this document.
  • “Configuration” - Administrator overrides.
    • Limit the amount of DataShapes recorded (as an example) on a specific dataset.
    • If a duplicate record is found have a 1 point (negative) score per record. Allow the admin to increase or decrease the impact of different DQ issues found.
    • Display limits in order to not overwhelm the UI.
  • Audit Trail” -
    • List all security related changes by user, action, description and timestamp in a searchable sortable table
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