Collibra DIC Integration
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Securing Passwords
Security is the utmost importance for Collibra DQ and our customers. In order to not send around plain text passwords when owlchecks are executed from the CLI users/admins can encrypt passwords and execute owlchecks using the encrypted passwords instead of plain text. To encrypt your password execute the command below
owlmanage.sh encypt=password
The output password will look something like the following
Now you can use this password in any owlcheck from the command line where you would normally place a plain text password. Example owlcheck with encrypted password in place of plain text password highlighted in bold.
./owlcheck -q "SELECT id, browser->'$.name' browser FROM events" -c "jdbc:mysql://" -u "owl" -p "Q+Ri1S+ljpG+fDefXLY4/vXtUosspAoL" -driver "com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver" -lib "/opt/owl/drivers/mysql8" -ds jsonremotemysql -rd "2019-01-28"
If executing a DQ Job from within the Owl-web the owl-web will automatically encrypt your password for you -- so you do not have to encrypt it. All passwords are masked out of the logs in order not to store plan passwords for security purposes.
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