Cloud Hadoop Deployment
Connecting to DBs in Owl Web

File Look Back


-ds "demo_lookback" \
-rd "2017-07-29" \
-lib "/opt/owl/drivers/mysql" \
-cxn "mysql" \
-q "select * from lake.dateseries where DATE_COL = '2017-07-29' " \
-dc DATE_COL \
-dl \
-dlkey sym \
-dllb 4 \

This look back will load your past 4 runs as your historical training set

File look back is used with deep learning or pattern matching. In the example above it is used with deep learning.


This is often used with files and in conjunction with -adddc in cases where a date column is not in an ideal format or you do not have a date column on the given dataset

Despite the name, this can be used with file or database storage formats.