Collibra DQ User Guide

Azure DataBricks

We've moved! To improve customer experience, the Collibra Data Quality User Guide has moved to the Collibra Documentation Center as part of the Collibra Data Quality 2022.11 release. To ensure a seamless transition, will remain accessible, but the DQ User Guide is now maintained exclusively in the Documentation Center.

Run a DQ check on any file in Azure Blob

Read the File by setting up the azure key.
val df ="wasbs://[email protected]/FILE_NAME/20190201_FILE_NAME.parquet")
Process the file using Owl
// register in Owl Catalog, Optional
val owl = new Owl(df).register
// run a full DQ Check
Additional imports and input options
import com.owl.core._
import com.owl.common._
val props = new Props()
props.dataset = datasetName
props.runId = 2019-03-02
props..... // look at the many input options