Performance Considerations
Performance Recommendations
Performance is a function of available hardware.
When running DQ Scans on a Hadoop distribution:
  • Check YARN resource manager
  • Check limits on queue size
  • Contact Platform Administration team on any limitations
When running DQ Scans on Spark standalone (single node):
  • Check Spark endpoint (example: http://<IP>:<PORT>)
  • Suggested maximum size on 16 core x 64GB machine: 100 million rows * 200 columns = 2 billion cells
  • If exceeding 2 billion cells, limit the width by selecting certain columns or limit depth with a WHERE clause or a FILTER condition
When running DQ Scans on EKS
  • Check your compute pool for available pods
  • Check your worker configuration and your Spark operator configuration
  • Check minimum and maximum of allowed workers
Increment DQ Scans with gradually increasing limits. Starting with a low level allows you to confirm whether database has proper indexing, skip scanning, or partitioning. Incrementing also allows you to validate security and connectivity quickly.
  • Test 1: Limit 1k rows
  • Test 2: Limit 1mm rows
  • Test 3: Limit 10mm rows
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