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JDBC Driver Connection String


Driver Name

The previous driver class, com.snowflake.client.jdbc.SnowflakeDriver, is still supported but is deprecated (i.e. it will be removed in a future release, TBD).

Connection Parameters

For documentation on individual connection parameters, see the JDBC Driver Connection Parameter Reference.<account_identifier>
Specifies the account identifier for your Snowflake account. For details, see Account Identifiers. For examples of the account identifier used in a JDBC connection string, see Examples.<connection_params>
Specifies a series of one or more parameters, in the form of <param>=<value>, with each parameter separated by the ampersand character (&), and no spaces anywhere in the connection string.
For documentation on individual connection parameters, see the JDBC Driver Connection Parameter Reference.

Other Parameters

Any session parameter can be included in the connection string. For example:
Specifies whether to keep the current session active after a period of inactivity, or to force the user to login again. If the value is true, Snowflake keeps the session active indefinitely, even if there is no activity from the user. If the value is false, the user must log in again after four hours of inactivity.
Default is false.
For descriptions of all the session parameters, see Parameters.


The following is an example of the connection string that uses an account identifier that specifies the account myaccount in the organization myorganization.
The following is an example of a connection string that uses the account locator xy12345 as the account identifier:
Note that this example uses an account in the AWS US West (Oregon) region. If the account is in a different region or if the account uses a different cloud provider, you need to specify additional segments after the account locator.
Configuring the JDBC Driver — Snowflake Documentation
Please let us know if you are using private link for Snowflake. Setup can vary depending on the endpoint that is created. In most cases, use the private endpoint as a normal JDBC connection.
Snowflake Community
Here is an example JDBC string connection we used that take into account the following setup:
  • <ACCOUNT_NAME> is the full link to the Snowflake instance with the private link.
  • DQ installed on-prem in a private IaaS and DQ is behind a proxy.
  • If the Snowflake instance is using a private link, whitelist the private link URL to bypass the proxy.
  • In addition to connectivity to the Snowflake instance, the JDBC driver tries to access Snowflake Blob storage by connecting directly to some S3 buckets managed by Snowflake.
  • Those need to be whitelisted as well.

Example URL

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