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Time Based Data Retention

Setup and Configuration

Setting up Retention Based Data Purge

Retention based purge of data can be turned on to allow data to automatically be cleaned based on an organization's data retention policy.


In order to set up retention based data purge, three (3) environment variables need to be set up in the configuration script. Note: a restart of the webapp is required for this configuration to take place.

  • cleaner_retention_enabled

    • TRUE or FALSE on whether this feature is enabled

  • cleaner_retention_days

    • Number of days to retain data

  • cleaner_retention_field

    • Controls which field to use to select eligible dataset runs

    • Potential values

      • updt_ts: consider the last time a dataset run was updated

      • run_id: consider the run id field of the dataset


Example configuration in

Organization wants to purge data where the updt_ts is more than 1 year old

In, add the following lines

export cleaner_retention_enabled=TRUE
export cleaner_retention_days=365
export cleaner_retention_field="updt_ts"