Collibra DIC Integration
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Explorer (no-code)
A no-code option to get started quickly and onboard a dataset.

Getting Started

This page can be accessed by clicked the Explorer option (the compass icon).
All UI functionality has corresponding API endpoints to define, run, and get results programmatically.

Select Your Data Source

Create a new DQ Job by clicking +Create DQ Job

View Data is an interactive option to run queries and explore the data

The bar chart icon will take you to a profile page of the dataset created prior to Explorer 2

Select The Scope and Define a Query

Pick Date Column if your dataset contains an appropriate time filter

Click Build Model -> to Save and Continue

Transform Tab (advanced / optional)

Click Build Model -> to Save and Continue


Use the drop-downs to enable different analysis. Best practice is to leave the defaults.

Pattern (advanced / optional)

Toggle on Pattern to enable this layer
Click +Add to define a group and series of columns

Click Save to and Click Outlier to Continue

Outlier (advanced / optional)

Click Save to and Click Dupe to Continue

Dupe (advanced / optional)

Click Save to and Click Source to Continue

Source (advanced / optional)

Navigate to the source dataset
Click Preview to interlace the columns
Manually map the columns by dragging left to right or deselect columns

Click Save to and Click Save/Run to Continue


    Select an agent
    Click Estimate Job
    Click Run to start the job
*Note if you do not see your agent, please verify the agent has been assigned to your connection via:
Admin Console-->Remote Agent--> (Link icon on far right)-->Map connections to this agent and then reload the explorer page

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