Rule Library
An organized repository of all your rule templates

The rule library contains both OOTB and custom-built rule templates.

OOTB Rules

Owl shares all of it's out of the box rules with each user/tenant. This makes it easy to get started quickly and let the team add common rules for specific use-cases. See Rule Library for more information.
Below is a list of one click rules that can be added to any dataset. It is important to note that Owl often self identifies these columns and automatically provides the proper protection.
  • Email
  • Zip
  • Credit Card
  • SSN
  • EIN
  • State Code
  • Phone
  • Gender
  • IP Address
  • Date
  • Int
  • Double
The quick rule drop-down offers another great way to apply rules at the click of a button in the preview tab.

Customized Rules

Add to The Rule Library

Create a rule once using our rule template builder and re-use the rule across any column on any dataset. Owl will substitute the dataset and column that the rule applies to at runtime. This commonly saves hundreds of redundant rules that do the same thing but on different column names.
The rule library hosts out of the box and custom global rules. See data concepts and semantics for advanced use of global rules.

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