Cloud Hadoop Deployment
Connecting to DBs in Owl Web

Basic Install

If you're an existing customer, please see the upgrade section.

Linux Install

  1. Download Release Version

  2. Untar zip file

  3. Run

Pre-req - Must have Java 8 installed on the machine

wget <https://download_link>
tar -xvf <package.tar>
./ -port=9000 -owlbase=<install_path> -options=owlagent,owlweb,postgres

Set license

./<install_path>/bin/ setlic=<lic>

Install requires Java 8. Common install path as /opt/owl/. Default port 9000, must not be in-use by another system. Make sure you can chmod and own the install dir. License key comes from OwlDQ.

Setup Options

usage () {
echo "Usage: $0 [OPTION]..."
echo "Owl installation script"
echo ""
echo " -non-interactive skip asking to accept JAVA license agreement"
echo " -skipSpark skips the extraction of spark components"
echo " -skipPostgres skips the asking for the setup of postgres details"
echo " -stop do not automatically start up all components (orient,owl-web)"
echo " -port= set owlweb applicationt to use defined port"
echo " -user= set the postgres user"
echo " -owlbase= set base path to where you want owl installed"
echo " -owlpackage= set owl package directory"
echo " -help display this help and exit"
echo " -options= the different owl components to install (comma separated list)"
echo " example: owlagent,owlweb,zeppelin,orient,spark,postgres"
echo " -pgpassword= password for the postgres metastore "
echo " -pgserver= name of the postgres server example ="
echo ""
echo ""
echo "example:"
echo " ./ -port=9000 -user=ec2-user -owlbase=/home/ec2-user -owlpackage=/home/ec2-user/packages"

Docker Install

Reach out to OwlDQ team for docker file. DockerHub coming soon.

Configuration Options



default value


install path



web app port


EXPORT owlbase = /opt/owl/
EXPORT port = 9000


  1. Download Release Version

  2. Untar Zip file

  3. Move Owl-*.jar files into install directory

  4. Restart webapp

wget <https://download_link>
tar -xvf <package.tar>
mv owl-*.jar / <install_path>/bin
/<install_path>/bin/ start=owlweb