Assists Data Aggregation
  • Greatly reduce Support Costs. Apply AI-generated rules to maintain consistency across all accounts, rather than apply hand-made rules per every account. You are not managing 100+ variations of rules, but a consistent set that is learned from all.
  • Capitalize on Real-time. Batch collection with excel compare will never support real-time. Instead, rules are generated by the data itself, and anomalies are triggered on the fly at the source system.
  • Rapid Onboarding. Universal and already tested Scans are applied quickly.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction. Monitor the real-time speed of the DQ pushdown fix, not just the overall DQ score over time.
  • Improved SLAs. When DQ is fixed immediately, all SLAs can be improved not just DQ SLAs.
Last modified 20d ago
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