Collibra DIC Integration
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Assists Data Aggregation
    Greatly reduce Support Costs. Apply AI-generated rules to maintain consistency across all accounts, rather than apply hand-made rules per every account. You are not managing 100+ variations of rules, but a consistent set that is learned from all.
    Capitalize on Real-time. Batch collection with excel compare will never support real-time. Instead, rules are generated by the data itself, and anomalies are triggered on the fly at the source system.
    Rapid Onboarding. Universal and already tested Scans are applied quickly.
    Improve Customer Satisfaction. Monitor the real-time speed of the DQ pushdown fix, not just the overall DQ score over time.
    Improved SLAs. When DQ is fixed immediately, all SLAs can be improved not just DQ SLAs.
Last modified 1yr ago
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