Collibra DIC Integration
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Release Notes

2021.11 (In Progress)

New Features

      Semantics and data concepts management


      Dynamic query reload allows you to view JOIN query columns in other activities
      Support for some special characters in table name
      Fixed ability to add additional libs that were previously not being properly saved on subsequent runs. Under DQ Job tag, please utilize -fllb boolean (union lookback) and libsrc input box for lib directory path (will materialize as -addlib)
      Allows multiple imports without conflicts
      Fixed backrun timebin to work with weeks and quarters instead of days
      Split historical load to avoid historical query rounding up



    DQ Job
      Refactored DQ Job Score to Gauge Chart
      Fixed issue where permissions are checked on datasets that do not yet exist
      Sybase 'Test / Preview' now available
      Updated web model of saving additional connection properties
      Fixed scenario where editing connection yields null instead of empty for multiple values
      Placeholder new searchable Rule Summary Page for Rule statistics / insights
      Updated Alert Mailer to TLS 1.2 to resolve Third Party Error exception
      Fixed issue where alerts are deleted even when clicking cancel button
      Fixed issue where user must refresh to have invalidated item removed from UI
      Fixed search on Audit Datasets and Dataset Management page
      Date ranges are now customizable
    Validate Source
      Added feature that provides 'trim' option on String columns when running source-target validation, extra spaces in the cell are trimmed on both ends (left and right)
      Resolved issue with white spaces in column headers blocking duplicate detection
      Added configuration for setting the SAML_ENTITY_BASEURL, which sets the Consumer service url for the SP Metadata
      Fixed issue where custom values override even after toggling Shapes back to auto or off
      Fixed uncaught TypeError on login screen
      Fixed GET timeout error on registration page
    Export/Import API
      Users will be able to run the export/import API calls to conduct multiple promotions on the repo, schedule, and rule tables.


    2021.10.1 Import / Export API without constraint conflicts
      Import must match exactly to the format of our export in order to parse out columns and values to perform an update when existing records are already there

Known Limitations

    File sizes
      Individual files greater than 5gb will experience performance degradation in Explorer for Standalone installs. Best practice is to save in smaller chunks and use bypass schema in the Explorer if needed.
      Individual files greater than 25gb will experience performance degradation in Core for Standalone installs.
      Explorer / browser will generally have difficulty supporting > 250 columns in files
      Pushdown profiling on Bigquery, Redshift, Athena and Presto is available for specific datatypes.
      Backrun option and flag will persist beyond the first run (-br). Please remove this flag if you do not want to backrun again.
      QUARTER and WEEK are not supported time bins in this release.
      On non-csv files, Explorer will not automatically infer file types. Users must change file type to the required value and click Step 2 "Load File". Nothing will change in Step 1 "File Information". A future enhancement will be added to automatically check filetypes by reading the first file
      Dataset names should not contain special characters
      Out of the box semantic rules cannot be edited (STATECHECK, GENDERCHECK, etc). Users can still apply their own global rules which can be customized.
      LinkId does not support alias columns that are not part of the -LinkId definition
      Connection names should not contain spaces
    Validate Source
      Complex Validate Source queries can only be edited from the CMD line or JSON directly before hitting Run.
      Active Directory in Azure SQL can connect via LDAP (basic auth) or Kerberos.
    S3 / GS / ADLS
      Remote storage connections should be defined using the root bucket only.
    Estimate Job is only available for files when Livy is being used.
    Stop Job on jobs page is limited and does not work for all installation types.
    Bigquery connector does not work with views

2021.09 (09-2021)

New Feature

      Alert notification page displaying a searchable list of alerts emails sent. Email Alerts
    Job Page
      UI refresh
      New chart with successful and failed jobs


      When faced with a few errors e.g. 0.005% null, highlight issues more clearly and visibly instead of the notion of rounding up to and displaying 100.0%
      Enhanced query and file date templating and variable options. This allows easier scheduling and programmatic templating for common date variables
      Job Template corrupt time portion of ${rd} on last run of replay
      Refactor job actions column
      Completeness report refactor / consolidation to improve performance
      Outlier tab in DQ Job page (hoot page) displays linkIds and included in the export
      Added property for authentication age to reduce token expiration
      UI labels more generic when configuring a connection with password manager script
      Agent no longer shows as red if services are correctly running
      Jobs log retention policy now configurable in Admin Console -> App Config via "JOB_LOG_RETENTION_HR" (variable must be added along with value). If not added, default to 72 hours
      Platform logs retention policy now configurable in Admin Console -> App Config via "PLATFORM_LOG_RETENTION_HR" (variable must be added along with value). If not added, default to 24 hours
      Fixed connection properties behavior given how multiple custom properties are handled in Hive
      Fixed outliers issue that ignored WHERE clause on remote files
      Fixed missing search results issue in list view for Patterns type
      New templates for Redshift and Solr
    Connections Security
      Ticket Granting Ticket (TGT) authentication for HDFS & Hive
        You can now choose the TGT auth model for connections and point to a TGT file as an additional kerberos authentication model
      Kerberos Principal + Password Manager for Hive
        You can now use a password manager script to fetch a hive password for a princiapl to authenticate
      S3 SAML Auth (TP)
        DQ is configured to use SAML based authentication to S3 buckets with password manager or provided credentials. Testing is limited to OneLogin for SAML Provider in this tech preview release
    2021.09.1 Validate Source
    2021.09.2 Validate Source Large DB load
    2021.09.3 Save on datashapes from new DQ Job

2021.08 (08-2021)

Please note updated Collibra release name methodology


      Support for handling large tables
      Implemented pagination function for navigation
      Improved error handling for unsupported java data types
      Fix preview for uploaded temp files
    Collibra DQ V3 REST APIs
      Additional rest APIs for easier programmatic job initiation, job response status, and job result decisioning (used in pipelines). Streamlined documentation and user inputs allow users to choose any language for their orchestration wrapper (python, c#, java, etc). More info on Collibra DQ Rest APIs
      Fix load query generation issue when WHERE clause is specified
      Fix behavior score calculation after suppressing AR
      Fix percent change calculations in behavior AR after retrain
      Mean Value Drift [New Feature] Behaviors
      Introduce new role of ROLE_DATA_GOVERNANCE_MANAGER with ability to manage (create / update / delete) Business Units and Data Concepts. More info on Collibra DQ Security Roles
      Relaxed field requirements for password manager connections for App ID, Safe, and Password Manager Name
      Enhanced page loading speeds for scorecard pages
      Rule activity is now more efficiently parallelized across available resources
    Validate Source
      Pie chart will highlight clearly visible ‘issue’ wedge for anything less than 100%
      Updated with more distinct icon set

2021.07 (07-09-2021)

Please note updated Collibra release name methodology


    Collibra Native DQ Connector
      No-code, native integration between Collibra DQ and Collibra Catalog
      Full redesign of web user experience and standardization to match Collibra layout
      Search any dataset from any page
      Rules Display with [more] links to better use the page space
      Auditing for changes per scan
      JDBC Filter enablement by just search input
      Add more support for data-concepts from UI or future release
      Down-training per issue type
      AR user feedback loop (pass/fail) for learning phase
      SQL View data by role vs just Admin

2.15.0 (05-31-2021)


      Down-training per activity vs globally
      Expose server logs on the jobs page from the agent and cluster
      Enhanced Experience for display of stats for database tables
      Validation for Dupes section to ensure all input is validated before save
      Support for edit mode with Dremio connections
      Allow file scan skip-N to skip a number of rows if extra headers are present in the file
      Support Livy sessions over SSL for files
      Add quick click rules based on profile distribution stats
      Down-training per issue type
      Support for $rdEnd in the template
      Auto update schedule template based on last successful run
      Support S3 custom config values in scheduled template
      SAML Auth
      Support for JWT Authentication to the Multi-Tenant management section
      Support for an alternate display name for each tenant to be displayed in the UI and login tenant selection

2.14.0 (03-31-2021)


      Edit mode on Password Manager supported connections
      Edit mode on complex query
      Behavior chart display of last 2 runs
      ValSrc auto Save
      Remote File
        Support for Google Cloud Storage (GCS)
        Support for Google Big Query
        Folder Scans in Val Src
        Auto generate ds name
        FullFile for S3
        {rd} in file path naming
        Estimate Jobs (Only on K8s)
        Analyze Days (Only on K8s)
        Preview Data (Only on K8s)
      Store source name to connect a column to its source db/table/schema
      Custom driver props for remote file connection
      Filtergrams for Password Manager connections
      Filtergrams for Alternate agent path connections
      Filtergrams on S3/GCS data source (Only on K8s)
      UX on page size options
      Support multiple db timezone vs dataset timezone
      Notebook API returns true physical null value in DataFrame instead of string "null"
      Expanded options for numeric/alpha
      Expanded options for length on alphanumerics

2.13.0 (12-20-2020)


      Notify of quality issue on special characters in column names
      Shape Top-N display in profile
      Chart enhancements including visible Min/Max ranges on AR drill in
      Force pass/fail at AR item level
      Menu driven selections on existing datasets
      Run remote file scans at parent folder level
      Allow scheduling based on dataset timezone (previously all UTC)
      Enhanced Drill in display including new AR view & Shape Top-N values
      Data Preview Filtergram Export of distinct column values
    Validate Source
      Additional UI parameters exposed: File Type/ File Delimiter
      Edit support in Explorer Wizard step
      Grouped display on Hoot Page with aggregate statistics
    Business Units
      Organize datasets by business-units visible in catalog and profile views
    Hoot Page
      Ability to Clone datasets from a given dataset run
    Rules Page
      Allow Vertical Resize
      Searchable filters for: rows, columns, scans, and more
      2X faster on data loading activity based on revised caching and surrogate ID.

2.12.1 (11-1-2020)

Stability Enhancements

      Pattern no longer overflows when too many keys are selected
      Fix for Pattern Activity failing when no key is provided
      Pattern now inherits its default values from the first record
      Fix Dupe Case Sensitivity toggle in Wizard
      Fix Shape settings being overridden
      Improved validation for Outlier definition in Explorer
      Outlier now inherits its default values from the first record
      Behaviors row count modal now correctly clears previously viewed topN and bottomN results
      Fix for specifying the file type for Local and Temporary files
      Remove hardcoded file limit of 30MB for temp files
      Datasets can no longer be renamed in edit mode
      Backrun is now off by default when a job is edited
      Pattern reload now correctly displays on/off status
      Explorer banner is now properly displayed
      Fix for agent list not refreshing after clicking the Refresh icon
      Fix for Analyze date field in Athena
      Explorer now runs analyze based on transform if it is selected
      Fix for job estimator in Athena
      Fix Kerberos authentication for scheduled jobs running on Hive
      PwdMgr now gets connection details by tenant for scheduled jobs
      Scheduled jobs modal now properly displays the status of the last three jobs
      Alert setup no longer breaks OwlCheck jobs
      Fix for handling reserved word 'date' in Hive.
      Generic template is now displayed by default, even when no other connection templates have been defined
      MIN/MAX Load Time now defaults to Off
      Version bump and rpm style installation for a local postgres in the Owl install script

2.12.0 (10-01-2020)

    Rule Page Builder Enhancements
      Native Rule Updates (push-down)
      Rule Freeform Section Usability
      Run with default Agent
    AWS S3 Role Based Authorization
      Leverage Instance Profile to assume a Role for authorization of S3 access
    Enable LinkID in Owlcheck Explorer
      Designate a column that contains a unique record identifier. The value contained in this column will be captured and stored along with DQ findings. This identifier enables data stewards to quickly find and remediate DQ findings in the source data.
    Wizard driven windowed aggregates on datasets
      A user can apply a SUM(DURATION) OVER (PARTITION BY GRADE)
    Bulk Delete From CatalogSecurity admin role
      A user can bulk delete based on time since last run, # of total runs.
    Rule Breaks to allow for different columns
      A user can apply a rule that has different columns and we catch exception gracefully
    Edit OwlCheck created from CLI
      Allow Edit for Owlchecks initiated from CLI instead of directly from OwlDQ Explorer.
    Explorer Edit on File Data Source
      Ability to edit existing Olwchecks created on remote and local files. Expanded capabilities for editing Owlchecks on JDBC sources
    Edit Score Card capabilities
    Search and index dataset_schema col in CATALOG
    Notebook API - Expanded Outliers and Patterns Results Outliers output displays
      Key Column names and an aggregate view that merges duplicate Outlier findings to display the number of occurrences. Patterns aggregate output denotes columns not relevant to a given finding.
    TECH PREVIEW - Kubernetes Support (V1)
      Deploy OwlDQ and run Owlchecks on Kubernetes
    TECH PREVIEW - Streaming Owlchecks - SSL Authentication
      Run Streaming Owlchecks on Kafka topics protected by 2-Way SSL
    TECH PREVIEW - Validate Source Drill-in
      Source activity shows more details regarding source findings. Currently view-only. Use the existing table for invalidation.

2.11.0 (8-1-2020)

    Notebook API Enhancements
      Support @dataset and @t1 syntax in freeform SQL for business rules
      Multiple Outlier definitions supporting full object
      Multiple Pattern definitions supporting full object
      Display full rulebreak rows in output Dataframe
    Owlcheck Wizard supports multiple Outlier grouping with different keys
      Wizard supports definition of multiple distinct Outlier definitions using includes and keys
    Owlcheck Wizard supports multiple Pattern grouping with different keys
      Wizard supports definition of multiple distinct Pattern definitions using includes and keys

2.10.1 (6-1-2020)

    Scheduler Enhancements (docs)
      Manage Schedule Restricted Times
      Schedule Jobs By quarter
      UX Mods on Schedule Template Save From Hoot
      Optional Schedule Save with custom Run Date for Reporting/Charting
    Alert Enhancements (docs)
      Setup alert batches for quick distribution list and consolidated alerts per dataset
      Configure all alerts to run via OwlWeb
    Behaviors (docs)
      Ability to suppress behavior items
      UX modal enhancement for additional display values (chart/top-N/functions)
    Jobs (docs)
      Export All (export all checkbox)
      Detailed logging per job (click jobs link)
    Scorecard Pages
      Require Page Name
    Rules UX Enhancements (docs)
      Required/Non-Required Styling
      Display with ellipsis on long rule names in hoot findings
Known Issues
    Auto Profile AGENT status indicator (GREEN/RED) missing
    Can not run multiple patterns or outliers from UX on Tech Preview explorer2

2.10.0 (5-1-2020)

    Assignment Queue (docs)
      Assign review and resolution of data quality issues to responsible users
      Push assignments to Service Now
    Rules Features (docs)
      Enriched Regex Builder to assist in Rule definition
    Auto Profile Phase 2 (docs)
      Schema filter (option to limit fields profiled per table)
      Profile Pushdown (push compute to data warehouse)
      Scan concurrency throttle (limit number of simultaneous Profiling jobs)
      Date filter (option to focus profiling to a date orange per table)
    Profile UX Enhancements (docs)
      Add Business terms/descriptions to profiled columns
      PII/MNPI designations automagically identified by Owl (Profile Semantic) can be removed by the user from the dataset Profile screen
      One click to create a rule based on TopN values
    Catalog UX Enhancements (docs)
      List of Actions to edit/govern datasets
      Publish Dataset
    Explorer 2 Enhancements (docs)
      Support for HDFS
      Support for ad-hoc files
    Pushdown Processing to the Data Warehouse storing the data (docs)
      Push compute of Profile to the Data Warehouse where the data is stored
      Push compute of Validate Source to the Data Warehouse where the data is stored. Schema and Row Counts only, validate values functionality not supported when pushdown is enabled
    Outliers (docs)
      Functionality (Categorical Outliers)
        Categorical Outliers take history into account when date column is provided
        Categorical Outliers offers visualization of Most frequent along side of the Outlier for context
      Performance (Numerical Outliers)
        Improved performance when limit on number of Outliers is increased
        improved performance when No Date and/or Key is provided
        Outlier key values are delimited by a user defined delimiter (~~ by default)
    Validate Source (docs)
      Improved performance when validate values function is enabled
    Behaviors (docs)
      Control behavior module by subtype
    Notebook API
      option.keyDelimiter - Outlier key values are delimited by a user defined delimiter (~~ by default)
      option.coreMaxActiveConnections - Maximum number of threads that an Owlcheck metastore connection pool contain. This option is only honored when the connection pool first initializes (Typically when the Spark Session first initializes).
      option.profile.behaviorRowCheck - Controls if behavioral model factors in row count stats
      option.profile.behaviorTimeCheck - Controls if behavioral model factors in load time stats
      option.profile.behaviorMinValueCheck - Controls if behavioral model factors in min value stats
      option.profile.behaviorMaxValueCheck - Controls if behavioral model factors in max value stats
      option.profile.behaviorNullCheck - Controls if behavioral model factors in Null count stats
      option.profile.behaviorEmptyCheck - Controls if behavioral model factors in Empty count stats
      option.profile.behaviorUniqueCheck - Controls if behavioral model factors in Cardinality count stats
    Caching Efficiency
      Improved efficiency of memory usage
Known Issues
    Estimate Jobs function may produce suboptimal configuration
    Kerberos Exception when attempting to generate preview for JSON/XML files on HDF
    Auto Profile AGENT status indicator (GREEN/RED) missing

2.9.0 = 4.5.2020

Tech preview
    Explorer V2
      JDBC Source Support
    Auto Profile
    New Profiling Metrics and Visualizations
      topN and bottomN
    Behavior Cardinality Visuals
Reporting Export
    To Use -hive flag on hdp
      A separate non-jdbc hive driver package is required
      For assistance with this scenario please contact support.
    Rules that apply the @t1 parameter is not supported from backrun or continuous sparkOwl api

2.8.0 = 3.31.2020

Tech preview
    Wizard 2
    Agent Native JDPC Principal/Password option
    Notebooks Multi-Pattern
    HDFS Wizard
    Qbole Integration
    Pattern Analyze


    Scoring Updates
    Item level training
    Full Automated Rules (AR) list exposed
    Additional logging stages
    Show YARN Job Id (If YARN Job)
UX: Explorer/Hoot/Profile
    Teradata Column Based Access for preview/parallel JDBC
    HDFS Browser
    UX Enhancements to Tenant Administration
    EPV Via Agent
    Minor UX fixes/enhancements
    New report section in UI will store all future OTB reports with Export
    To Use -hive flag on hdp
      A separate non-jdbc hive driver package is required
      For assistance with this scenario please contact support.
    Rules that apply the @t1 parameter is not supported from backrun or continuous sparkOwl api

2.7.0 = 1.31.2020

Tech preview
    Adaptive rules button in behavior tab


    UX Management Enhancements
UX: Explorer/Hoot/Profile
    Record observation keys will be delimited with ***
    Records will have key -> value *** for each element
    UX Enhancements to Tenant Administration
    Remote Agent Password Manager execution
    Validate source file to file custom column selection support
    Limit capability for validate source query
    Validate source custom delimiter option


    Auto-sync schema for all tenants in multi-tenancy on startup
    To Use -hive flag on hdp
      A separate non-jdbc hive driver package is required
      For assistance with this scenario please contact support.
    Rules that apply the @t1 parameter is not supported from backrun or continuous sparkOwl api

2.6.2 = 1.21.2019

Tech preview
    Adaptive rules button in behavior tab


    Added Parameter based tenant option in addition to existing Subdomain tenants