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Cyber Anomalies in Real-Time

With increasing number of cyber threats most of the cyber security team doesn’t have the capacity to manually detect, monitor, and defend against all. Effective cyber threat management requires leveraging automation to inform decisions.

OwlDQ framework, provides organizations the ability to load and process diverse security data feeds at scale in order to detect network data anomalies. The OwlDQ alerts can enable network admins to respond to these events in timely manner.

Here we walk through a scenario to detect anomalies with network traffic dataset.

  1. IP address Validation

  2. Detect the unusual network traffic patterns based on locations.

  3. Identify the suspicious packets based on size.

  4. Detect the malicious activity based on source and destination IP addresses.

Infosec dataset Preview

Dataset contains Timestamp, Source Workgroup, Source IP, Source Port, Destination Workgroup, Destination IP, Destination Port, Application, Protocol and Packet size information.

IP Address format Validation

Business Check

OwlDQ Feature

Is a valid formatted IP


AUTO-IP detection

Is the IP address NULL or Missing



Source and Destination Workgroups

Business Check

OwlDQ Feature

Does it a usual network traffic based on locations


Source_Workgroup -> Destination_Workgroup

Source and Destination IP Address validation

Business Check

OwlDQ Feature

Does it a usual network traffic based on source and destination IP


Source_IP -> Destination_IP

Packet Size

Business Check

OwlDQ Feature

Is the Packet Size NULL or Missing



Packet Size within normal range


Source_IP -> Packet_SizeB

Resulting OwlCheck

-f file:///home/danielrice/owl/bin/demos/infosec/ -d tab \
-fullfile -fq "select * from dataset" -encoding UTF-8 -ds infosecv2 \
-rd "2020-04-04" -dl -dlinc Destination_IP,Packet_SizeB,Source_IP \
-dlkey Source_IP -fpgon -fpginc Destination_Workgroup -fpgkey Source_Workgroup \
-df "yyyy-MM-dd" -loglevel INFO -h -owluser admin \
-fpgsupport .000000001 -fpgconfidence 0.4

Which components did we use?

OwlDQ address the issue of efficient network traffic classification by performing unsupervised anomaly detection and use this information to create dynamic rules that classify huge amounts of Infosec data in real time.

By providing Infosec dataset along with anomaly records, OwlDQ outlier and pattern algorithms found the anomaly in the network traffic. It mainly detect the following anomalies.

  1. Traffic between Atlanta->Texas

  2. The packet size extremely low between Atlanta->Texas

  3. Atlanta source IP and Texas Destination IP.

Realtime OwlDQ can provide the alerts on network traffic anomalies which can help network admins to do further deep analysis and take preventative measure which is daunting task with huge amount of data.

Sample Dataset